Maximize project success through effective Agile practice!

Hi, I’m Valerie Mawhinney and my mission is to help you maximize the success of your projects and your career through applying Agile practices effectively!

Valerie Mawhinney

About Knowledge Evolution

As a Certified PMP, I have successfully held many roles in IT projects, including developer, QA, business analyst, architect, project manager, scrum master, and product owner.

Many times, I’ve heard “Our company implemented Agile, but they did it wrong”.  Agile is a flexible and collaborative approach to software development that aims to deliver value in a fast-paced, changing environment.  When implemented well, Agile improves productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Agile principles and practices empowers teams to self-organize, autonomously make decisions, and take ownership of their work. However, this challenges traditional management dogma making it particularly difficult to transition from top-down management to Agile.

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